Slurry Consolidation Systems

This consolidation system has been especially designed to perform consolidation tests on saturated fine grained soils and tailing muds. It can also be used to perform consolidation tests on sea or lake sediments.

Special consolidation cells with electromechanical loading systems, made by Wille Geotechnik®, enable all kinds of consolidation procedures to be applied (e.g. IL, CRS, CL, CG tests).

The base of the cell is equipped with a pressure transducer in order to determine the pore water pressure, the results being processed as test control criteria.




  • Special-compression cells to measure the consolidation behaviour of muds and viscous materials with measuring and/or pore water pressure controlling
  • Special cell resistance to aggressive fluids e.g. saline solution and corrosive materials
  • Special construction allows accurate measurement and control of normal stress, including measurement and compensation of wall friction influences
  • Built-in filter plates in head and base plates to remove free pore water
  • Multi-stage load cells allow for high levels of accuracy in control at low and high stresses
  • Multi-stage load cells

Max axial load

5/10/25 kN  

Maximum cell pressure


Sample size

100/150/200/300 mm

Specimen height



Up to 200/300 mm 

  • Various force sensors
  • Various displacement sensors
  • Various pore water pressure ranges
  • Various sample sizes
  • Various sample height (on request)
  • Various environment conditions
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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