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Axial Torsional Hydraulic Load Frame

Biaxial Systems

Combined Electromechnical-Servo Pneumatic Cyclic Load Frames

Combined Eletromechanical- Servo Pneumatic Cyclic Triaxial Testing System

Combined Static and Cyclic Electromechanical Triaxial Testing System

Consolidation Cell for Testing of Tailing Muds

Conventional Triaxial Systems

Cyclic and Dynamic Universal Loads Frames

Cyclic Triaxial Testing System (with compensated Ram)

Cyclic Triaxial Testing System for Unbound Material Testing

Double Wall Triaxial Cell

DSS Direct Simple Shear System

Frozen Soil Triaxial Systems

Fully Automatic Dynamic Ring Shear Apparatus

Fully Automatic Electromechanical Consolidation Apparatus

Fully Automatic Electromechanical Direct-Residual Shear Apparatus

Fully Automatic Laboratory Vane Shear Tester

Fully Automatic Static Ring Shear Apparatus

Fully Automatic Universal Load Frame

Gas Hydrate Triaxial Testing System

Hollow Cylinder

K0 Consolidation Cells

Large Consolidation Cells

Large Direct Shear Testing

Large Scale Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

Large Triaxial Systems

Motorized Vane Shear Tester

Multi-Axis Shear Systems

Resilient Modulus Testing System

Resonant Column Device

Ring Shear Systems

Rowe Barden Consolidation Cells

Rowe-Barden Consolidation Systems

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

Servo Hydraulic Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

Servo Pneumatic Load Frames

Servo Pneumatic Static and Cyclic Triaxial Testing System

Servo-hydraulic Load Frame

Simple Shear Systems

Slurry Consolidation Systems

Standard Consolidation Cells

Static and Cyclic Axial and Torsional Electromechanical Load Frame

Static and Cyclic Electromechanical Load Frame

Static Universal Load Frames

Stress Path Bishop & Wesley Triaxial Testing System

Swelling Pressure Cells

Table Top Electromechanical Consolidation Apparatus

Table Top Electromechanical Cyclic Triaxial Testing System

Table Top Electromechanical Direct Shear Apparatus

Table top electromechanical load frame

Temperature Consolidation Cells

Temperature Controlled Consolidation Systems

Temperature Controlled Triaxial Systems

Thermal Triaxial Cell

THM Testing

Triaxial Cell

True Triaxial Systems

Unsaturated Shear Systems

Unsaturated Triaxial Systems

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