Core Trimmer And Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is used to cut rock samples of irregular shapes, rock cores, as well as surfacing and machining the ends of the cylindrical or cubical samples. Our cutting machines are efficient, versatile and ideal abrasive cut-off machines made specifically for sample shaping.

This machine is micro-processor controlled; front panel comes with or without touch pad controls. Our compact machines are made with a cutting capacity of up to 90/115 mm of solid stock, for cut off wheels of up to 250/300 mm in diameter, and are twin T-slotted.

Machines do not come with a clamping device but do include a standard set of consumable cutting fluid (cooling fluid) and cut-off wheels.

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  • Standards
  • Applications
  • Modern stylish outlook
  • Stainless steel cutting bed
  • Compact, powerful, easy and quick operation
  • Maximum safety standards with electronic brake and interlocking safety device
  • Includes cooling fluid inlet for cutting blade
  • Transparent sample holder chamber
  • It can works with big samples by placing them upside down in the device
  • Special clamping devices for non-uniform samples can be provided upon request


  • Diamond cutting blade in different sizes
  • Clamping device for different sample sizes
  • Limit switch box
  • Sedimentation tank for recycling the waste water


  • Quick clamping vice assembly-right
  • Quick clamping vice assembly-left
  • Compact vice assembly
  • Vertical clamping device, clamping height up to 90 mm

Wheel speed

2,800 rpm



Wheel diameter

Ø 250 mm/Ø 350 mm

Cutting Capacity

Ø 90 mm/Ø 115 mm

Cutting Capacity

50 x 165 mm/50 x 195 mm

T-Slot table dimension

255 x 250 mm

T-Slot dimension

12 mm

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