Economic Cerchar Rock Abrasiveness Tester

The economic cerchar abrasiveness tester is used to determine the CERCHAR Abrasivity Index (CAI) value per as standard ASTM D7625-10.
Accurate stainless steel mass for axial test load of 70 N in combination with cross table which allows high resolution movement of the specimen clamping device in one directions to achieve tool wear and repeat traverse
action. The standard package includes of a binocular microscope and as an option with a trinocular microscopes, CCD camera and measurement software.








  • Simple manual operation
  • Stiff frame with precise movement of the clamping device
  • Portable cross table with clamping device for the adjustment the specimen in one direction
  • Easy adjustment for different sample sizes
  • Easy loading and unloading of the specimen ACCESSORIES
  • Binocular or trinocular microscopes
  • Test pin for Cerchar device:
    • Rockwell hardness: 40 / 42 HRC
    • Rockwell hardness: 54 / 56 HRC

Axial load

70 N

Maximum sample height

200 mm

Maximum sample diameter

∅ 100 mm

  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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