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The direct shear test system is designed to determine the shear strength of intact or jointed rock or concrete specimens. Various samples in the form of cylindrical, prismatic, cubical or irregularly shaped segments of different sizes can be tested by this system.
The closed loop servo control shear apparatus includes a special frame construction consisting of two stiff frames for vertical force and shear force, combined in a special configuration to avoid friction and torque.
The system includes a hydraulic power pack in combination with two separate valve systems, two-separate controllers and two low friction hydraulic cylinders.
The complete system is fully automated and controlled by our flexible and programmable GEOsys software.
Various sensors, transducers, shear boxes and experiment options are available.


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  • High stiffness robust constructed frame
  • Suitable for precise direct shear tests on rocks, sliding surfaces and building materials
  • Highly precise force transducers have been applied to measure and control shear stress and optionally normal stress
  • Includes horizontal displacement transducer to measure shear strain rates (and closed-loop control) and vertical displacement transducer to measure axial deformation
  • The shear boxes consist of a tilting free lower and upper shear frame, which is guided by linear bearings, a fixed upper shear frame and a guided load piston
  • Easy sample fitting and cleaning
  • Transparent test area guard with front security door
  • Different samples in cylindrical, prismatic, cubical or irregularly shaped segments and in different sizes
  • High-speed closed-loop control of load, displacement and position
  • The system is capable of applying different stress paths or strain rates
  • Hydraulic power packs with high quality noise protection and emergency functions
  • Digital setting of PID control parameters for the optimization and tuning of test parameters
  • Real-time graphics software with zoom and freeze functions with printing available at any time
  • Expandable real-time high resolution data acquisition and a closed-loop control system (20 bit)

Load type


Axial force/shear force

100/100 kN, 200/200 kN, 500/500 kN

Specimen size

Up to 300*300*300 mm

Settlement, resolution

50 / 0,001 mm



Shear displacement

50 mm / 100 mm

Cyclic load

Up to 500 kN (on request)

Load frequency

On request

  • Not available
  • Not available
  • ASTM D-5607
  • Standard Test Method for Performing Laboratory Direct Shear Strength Tests of Rock Specimens Under Constant Normal Force

  • JGS 2541-2008
  • Method for direct Shear Test on a Rock Discontinuity

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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