DSS Direct Simple Shear System

Kombinierte Simple und Direkt-Schergeräte

Advanced fully automatic simple-shear apparatus with two high quality servomotor drives for static, cyclic and dynamic shear loads up to 10 kN.

This electromechanic, dynamic, cyclic machine is a high-quality but robust device, both mechanically and electronically. This includes a highly stiff frame and actuator system to compensate for any deformations during static or cyclic loading.

The machine includes two high-quality servomotor drives to perform vertical load tests (static and dynamic).

  • High stiffness robust constructed frame
  • Suitable for precise direct shear tests on rocks, sliding surfaces and building materials
  • Highly precise force transducers have been applied to measure and control shear stress and optionally normal stress
  • Includes horizontal displacement transducer to measure shear strain rates (and closed-loop control) and vertical displacement transducer to measure axial deformation
  • The shear boxes consist of a tilting free lower and upper shear frame, which is guided by linear bearings, a fixed upper shear frame and a guided load piston
  • Easy sample fitting and cleaning
  • Transparent test area guard with front security door
  • Different samples in cylindrical, prismatic, cubical or irregularly shaped segments and in different sizes
  • High-speed closed-loop control of load, displacement and position
  • The system is capable of applying different stress paths or strain rates
  • Hydraulic power packs with high quality noise protection and emergency functions
  • Digital setting of PID control parameters for the optimization and tuning of test parameters
  • Real-time graphics software with zoom and freeze functions with printing available at any time
  • Expandable real-time high resolution data acquisition and a closed-loop control system (20 bit)

Type of load frame


Axial force/shear force

100/100 kN, 200/200 kN, 500/500 kN

Specimen size

Up to 300*300*300 mm

Settlement, resolution

50 / 0,001 mm



Shear displacement

50 mm / 100 mm

Cyclic load

Up to 500 kN (on request)

Load frequency

On request

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.