Temperature Controlled Triaxial Systems

This piece of equipment conducts high pressure and temperature controlled triaxial tests to investigate the behaviour of gas/fluid/soil or other solid matter compounds.

The high-quality, combined electromechanical-servo hydraulic closed-loop controlled triaxial load frames are characterized by high accuracy and automated, long-term static loading. Powerful GEOsys software supports all test procedures with easy access to testing sessions. This feature is offered to aide management and help run customized test procedures for all testing needs.






  • Standard triaxial tests (CD, CU, UU)
  • B-value check control
  • Stress path triaxial tests (p, q and s, t)
  • Uniaxial compression test
  • Consolidation tests
  • Highly precise strain, stress and position closed-loop controlled load frame
  • Isotropic and anisotropic consolidation
Static axial load Up to 5000 kN
Confining pressure Up to 70 MPa
Temperature range: Up to 300 °C 
Sample size Up to 150 mm

Several upgrading features:

  • K0 Consolidation test
  • Unsaturated soil testing
  • Bender element tests
  • Permeability tests
  • Swelling and swelling pressure test

GEOsys Software

  • ASTM D-7300
  • Standard Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Strength Properties of Frozen Soil at a Constant Rate of Strain

  • ASTM D5520-11
  • Standard Test Method for Laboratory Determination of Creep Properties of Frozen Soil Samples by Uniaxial Compression