Bielefeld 2016

Wille Geotechnik® at the 34th Baugrundtagung in Bielefeld

2016-09-19 11:45

Thanks to everyone who helped making the 34th Baugrundtagung in Bielefeld such a great experience!

We enjoyed our time in Bielefeld, and hope you did too. Can't wait to meet you again in coming events.

ICEGT 2016 Kiel

1st International Conference on Energy Geotechnics

2016-09-02 11:13
Wille Geotechnik® sponsors 1st International Conference on Energy Geotechnics ICEGT 2016 in Kiel

It was indeed a great pleasure to meet many of our friends, colleagues, and clients while attending the events and enjoying the beautiful city. We are also proud to be a Gold Sponsor for this high-profile international event.


APS at the Geotherm in Offenburg

2015-08-02 17:08
Meet us in Offenburg

In 2016 APS GmbH with its brand Wille Geotechnik will be part of the exhibition of the GEOTHERM in Offenburg. We will present our advanced geothermal testing systems.

Meet us at our stand!

32nd Baugrundtagung Mainz

APS at DGGT's 32nd exhibition in Mainz

2012-10-01 17:21
Wille Geotechnik® in Mainz

The APS GmbH (Wille Geotechnik®) recently exhibited at the 32nd Baugrundtagung (construction conference and exhibition), the largest Geotechnical conference held by the German Geotechnical Society. This took place from the 26th to the 29th of September 2012 in Mainz, Germany, and provided an ideal opportunity for us to showcase our equipment and meet our major customers from various universities, research centers and private laboratories and construction companies.