Large Triaxial Systems


This series of triaxial testing systems is customized and can be configured with a variety of sample adapters, triaxial cells, pressure plates and other customized attachments, different software packages as well as further accessories to suit your specific testing needs. Exchangeable, pre-calibrated measuring sensors guarantee high levels of accuracy over a broad measuring range. Integrated inputs for measured values allow a wide range of pre-calibrated sensors (stress, load, path, etc.) to be directly connected and used as measuring or control variables.

For any other applications we are able to offer customized solutions and other sensor ranges.

  • Standard triaxial tests:
       - Consolidated – Drained (CD)
       - Consolidated – Undrained (CU)
       - Unconsolidated – Undrained (UU)
  • Commercial price
  • Strain, stress and position closed-loop controlled load frame
  • User defined test procedures with GEOsys software
  • Isotropic and anisotropic consolidation
  • Unconfined compression tests
  • Several upgrading features:
       - K0 Consolidation test (upgrade)
       - Unsaturated soil testing (upgrade)
       - Bender element tests (upgrade)
       - Permeability tests (upgrade)
       - Swelling and swelling pressure test (upgrade)
Static axial load Up to 100 kN
Confining pressure Up to 3500 kPa
Pore pressure Up to 3500 kPa
Sample size 30 mm to 150 mm