Permeability Testing Systems

Most of the applications, where accurate permeability or porosity measurement is the point of view, require temperature-controlled conditions. Parameter changes of the flow medium and test sample depending from
temperature is a widely spread measurement error. In a wide range of applications Wille Geotechnik® got a number of projects and was able to collect 20 years experience in different fields:

  • Geothermal soil and rock testing
  • Mining projects
  • CO2 injection
  • Hydraulic fracture test
  • Gas and oil reservoirs
  • Gas hydrates


  • Automatic electromechanic stainless steel volume / pressure-controller with volume measurement, up to 10 MPa, up to 1000 cm³ with high quality SIEMENS-controller and touch-panel for stand alone use
  • Stainless steel chamber to avoid corrosion
  • Compact and space saving design different control interfaces are available depending from customers requirements
  • Different sample sizes

Max. pressure

10 MPa


0.1 kPa

Volume (standard)

250 cm³


< 0.001 cm


Up to 300 ˚C