Portable Point Load Test Apparatus

Punktlast Prüfgerät

The portable point load tester provides an index for the strength classification of hard rocks and allows for a quick, non-expensive on-site evaluation of hard rock strength.

A sample of rock is mounted between two pointed platens. Pressure is then applied until failure (breakage) of the sample occurs. The peak-applied load is recorded and used to calculate the point load index.

The standard test-set is consisting of:

  • Hydraulic cylinder with conical pistons
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Digital-manometer with pressure and load display
  • Base plate
  • Operator protection set
  • Operating manual

  • Easy to handle, functional design
  • High-level stiffness and light-weight frame with special, hardened conical pistons
  • Suitable for testing samples up to 120 mm in diameter
  • Hand-operated hydraulic pump, pressure cylinder, aluminum base plate
  • High quality hydraulic components with fine adjustable two stage hydraulic pump
  • Height adjustable, stiff crosshead for different sample heights

Version with digital precision pressure gauge

Cl. 0.1% with maximum memory,

IP 65,

resolution 0.01 kN

Version with analogue pressure gauge

pressure range: 0 - 100 kN and 0 - 25 kN,

accuracy: 1.0 kN resp. 0.5 kN

Digital measuring device for axial strain


Splinter protection