Table Top Electromechanical Consolidation Apparatus

This electromechanical, microprocessor-controlled apparatus for one-dimensional consolidation tests enables fully automatic performance of incremental and optionally continuous load tests. The loading range of this machine is up to 10 kN with accuracy higher than pneumatic systems specially at low loads.

In regard to our complete range of standard and advanced consolidation cells with fi xed or fl oating ring various sample dimensions can be tested. In addition automatic examination of pore pressure and permeability is executable.

A direct operation and calibration of the device is possible by control unit with keypad and LC-display.

  • Precision sensor placed directly at the top of the cell for load-control (time and settlement  dependent). Optional: Porewater pressure control and
    swell pressure tests
  • Calibrated, exchangeable load transducer and additional sensors inputs (e.g. pore water pressure transducer) enable individual test performance by defining different measurement parameters as and control values
  • Fully automatic adjustment of load stages according to the selected stop-criteria
  • Digital settlement control by displacement transducer
  • Suitable for all consolidation cells
Load range 5 / 10 kN
incl. load transducer Kl. 0.2% v.E
Displacement sensor (resolution) 0.001 mm
Vertical clearance 250 mm
Spindle lift 20 mm
Rated power 220 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (H*W*D) 650*350*350 mm


  • Controlling software for closed-loop controlled load, continous loading consolidation and swelling pressure
    tests with monitoring system
  • Independent, automatic test control and data acquisition according to freely configured test
    criteria depending from load, porewater pressure or settlement
  • Simultanous monitoring and data aquisition of the measured values (load, settlement, porewater
    pressure and time) during the test for all test phases
  • Error detection and diagnosis
  • Data transfer in ASCII code