Unsaturated Shear Systems

This special device was developed for direct shear tests, which can be achieved under different pore pressure conditions. Using a pressure chamber around the direct shear box, pore pressures up to 1000 kPa can be applied during the test. 


  • As a special edition we offer additional equipment for unsaturated direct shear tests.
  • In combination with modified HAEV-ceramic discs and a pore air pressure control system, unsaturated conditions with different suction stress ranges are possible.





  • Detailed information will follow soon
  • Detailed information will follow soon
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • ASTM D-3080
  • Standard Test Method for Direct Shear Test of Soils Under Consolidated Drained Conditions

  • ASTM D-6528
  • Standard Test Method for: Consolidated Undrained Direct Simple Shear Testing of Cohesive Soils.

  • CEN ISO/TS 17892-10
  • Geotechnical investigation and testing -- Laboratory testing of soil -- Part 10: Direct shear tests

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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