High-Pressure High-Temperature Triaxial System (HP HT)

These advanced rock testing plants enable our customers to meet all test requirements in rock research testing.

The modular systems can be configured with various types of hydraulic actuators with different load ranges, a variety of test jigs, triaxial cells with different specimen diameter and pressure ranges, pressure controllers as well as different sensors with the necessary attachments.

Advanced software packages and further accessories can also be arranged to suit your specific testing needs.
The systems are able to test a range of materials from soft rock (e.g. sandstone) to hard rock and building materials with high-strength.

A variety of jigs and attachments to perform uniaxial compressive strength, triaxial strength, post failure, bending, indirect tensile, direct tensile, fracture toughness, creep, flexural and cyclic loading tests are available.

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  • Specifications
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  • Software
  • Standards
  • Applications
  • Fitted frame sizes and load ranges from 500 to 5,000 kN with different actuators for each test requirement
  • Dynamic high-speed, closed-loop control of load, displacement, position and volume or flow
  • Expandable real-time high resolution data acquisition and closed-loop control systems up to 20 bit with an unlimited number of control axis and sensor channels
  • Flexible controlling software for nearly unlimited test procedures of all uniaxial, triaxial or polyaxial test applications with pore pressure and permeability
  • Different types and ranges of high quality transducers for external or internal on-specimen use are available, such as strain measurement, wave velocity, acoustic emission and electrical impedance measurement.
  • Advanced high quality hydraulic power packs with high-quality noise protection, different emergency functions or cyclic test procedures
  • Digital setting of PID parameters to test parameter optimization and tuning
  • Freely programmable test stages with interactive, calculated parameter and test procedures
  • Real-time graphics with zoom and freeze functions for printer output at any time

Type of load frame


Axial load

Up to 5,000 KN

Tension load capacity

Up to 2,500 KN

Confining pressure

Up to 210 MPa

Pore pressure

Up to 210 MPa

Working temperature

Up to 250 °C

Frame stiffness

Up to 10,000 kN/mm, >10 x 10^9 N/m


50 mm (optional up to 150 mm)


55 HRC /customised

Sample sizes*

Up to Ø 150 mm (height ratio 2:1)

*Custom sample sizes on request

  • Not available

GEOsys software for user defined freely programmable test standard procedures and complex test sequences.

This is implemented by a structured Windows operation on a graphic user interface for controlling and data acquisition software. This is used for closed-loop controlled static & dynamic applications in material testing (rock and concrete) with freely programmable test sequence control and formula editor functions.

Through a series of menus, this provides quick access to all the controls needed for test set-up and follows
standard test sequences.

The software is able to create an unlimited number of test stages with interactive and calculated para meters
for closed-loop control in real time. An unlimited number of control and measuring channels can be
simultaneously controlled.

  • Possibility to accept different modules for extra test
  • Individually configurable data acquisition (collecting rate, parameter setting, recording type, such as ASCII)
  • Interactive changing of test parameters for all channels or test devices during the application
  • Various platforms for operators and different users for system parameter settings (configuration, PID parameters, transducer configuration, ranges plausibility)
  • Self-diagnosis and automatic alerts when a problem occurs. When a sudden power failure occurs, the system automatically saves data and takes self-protective measures and has an overload protection
  • ASTM D-7012-14
  • Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength and Elastic Moduli of Intact Rock Core Specimens under Varying States of Stress and Temperatures

  • ASTM D-7070-08
  • Standard Test Methods for Creep of Rock Core Under Constant Stress and Temperature

  • JGS 2521-2009
  • Method for Unconfined Compression Test on Rocks

  • JGS 2531-2009
  • Method for Unconsolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Rocks

  • JGS 2532-2009
  • Method for Consolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Soft Rocks

  • JGS 2533-2009
  • Method for Consolidated-Undrained Triaxial Compression Test on Soft Rocks with Pore Water Pressure Measurements

  • JGS 2534-2009
  • Method for Consolidated-Drained Triaxial Compression Test on Rocks

  • Detailed information will follow soon
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