High Pressure Syringe Pump

High pressure syringe pumps are digital microprocessor controlled electro-mechanical piston pumps which precisely generate and regulate pressure and provide flow control in a variety range for different applications.

This device is used for applications related to the control of pressure or flow rate for various fluids and gases in laboratory tests.

As stated above, high pressure pumps are used to provide continuous flow rates over a wide range of pressures.

The pumped fluid can be delivered at constant pressures and rates. Reliable, steady flow rates can be provided by high pressure pumps for long term tests and are appropriate devices that can replace the more traditional laboratory pressure pumps and volume change measuring devices.


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  • Applications
  • Provides continuous pulse-free flow over a wide range of pressures
  • Stainless steel chamber to avoid corrosion
  • Fast filling and re-filling of the system
  • Front LCD displayer and touch-sensitive keypad for operation
  • Integrated limit switches and pressure overload limits (safety stop)
  • Output serial and Ethernet interface
  • Minimized turbulent flow and maximized laminar flow inside the pump
  • Different operating modes:
    • Constant flow
    • Constant pressure
    • Continuous and step less increasing or decreasing pressure ramps
    • Continuous constant fl ow and pressure (twin pumps)
    • Flow or pressure gradients (twin pumps)
    • Constant flow rates
    • Constant volume condition

Pressure range

Up to 300 MPa

Pressure resolution

0.01 MPa

Accuracy (standard)

0.1 % F.S.

Accuracy (optional)

< 0.05 % F.S. (temperature compensated)

Operating temperature

Up to +40 °C


Up to 300 ml

Flow range

0.0001 ml/min up to 70 ml/min

Flow accuracy

+/-0.2 %

Displacement resolution

0.01 μl/Step

Motor stability

0.0001 % per year

Operating temperature

Ambient temperature (5-40 °C)

Plumbing ports

Customised / Valco


(110 V) 220 V

Output ports

Ethernet and serial port / analogue output

Temperature range (option)

Up to 150 °C

Wetted parts

Stainless steel (optional: Hastelloy C-276)

Note: Flow rates (max. and min.) always depend on the technical configuration of the pump (pressure, volume etc). Please contact us for detailed information about how we can help with your testing demands.

  • Temperature Control Package
  • Temperature Transducer
  • Insulating Cover
  • Supreme Corrosion Resistance

GEOsys is a multi-functional, modular controlling, data acquisition software in Windows. It allows for the simple programming of complex user defined test sequences via structured Windows instructions on a graphic user interface.
GEOsys utilizes a flexible, programmable system that controls test appliances that coordinate various operations. The flexible operating panel provides tools to configure the appliance, editors to carry out load procedures and functions for analysis, presentations and logs.
The software provides the user with complete control over all operating parameters. The software is designed to support a modular structure for the test environment so as to enable a flexible configuration and thus fulfill the specific requirements of the user.
The important key feature of this software is the ability to allow users to simply and freely program standard or complex test sequences with structured Windows operations via a graphic user interface. This means that the user can add valves or pressure transducers and export data using an interface link.

  • Not available

High accuracy flow and pressure control with non-stop fluid pumping is a necessity for any flow fluid or pressure control application in relation to rock core analysis, reservoir engineering, oil and gas production enhancement studies and reactor feed/chemical synthesis in chemical processes.

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