Hydraulic Power Pack

Our series of hydraulic power packs supply hydraulic fluid to actuators, hydraulic pressure intensifiers, and servo hydraulic testing machines to meet their testing system demands.
A wide range of fl ow rates are available to suit all single and multi-station test configurations. Components are mounted conveniently inside cabinet with enough space for easy access.
A key feature of our hydraulic power packs is that they offer demand-dependent fl ow-rate control delivering at a constant pressure of 210, 280 or 340 bar.
An oil-to-water heat exchanger or air-cooling exchanger controls fluid temperature. A temperature switch turns the hydraulic power pack off when the temperature of the fluid exceeds a preset value – lights on a front panel are used to indicate temperature levels.

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  • Wide range of flow rates from 3.8 lpm to 400 lpm
  • Variety of oil tank capacities
  • Low noise level
  • Long service life
  • Automatic variable flow/constant pressure
  • Power packs can be operated directly from their front panels or, as an additional option, via test-stand based remote controls
  • A physical emergency stop button is located on the machine
  • Maximum temperature protection (limit)
  • Thermostatic regulation valve for minimum water usage
  • All types of power packs include the following:
    • High-pressure servo-valve
    • Heat exchanger
    • Hydraulic oil filling
    • Hydraulic hose set
    • Oil filter
    • Oil pressure and/or level gauge
    • Temperature indicator
    • Emergency stop button
    • Multiple vibration isolation
    • Low noise internal gear pump
  • Controlling software is available
  • Quiet internal gear pump with constant oil delivery
  • Motor power indication with electrical safety mode
Nominal flow rate From 3.8 lpm to 400 lpm
System pressure 210 bar / 280 bar / 340 bar
Oil temperature range 40 °C to 60 °C
Oil reservoir tank 150 L /180 L /235 L /620 L
Noise level 72 dB (A) (optional 63 dB (A) )
Electrical supply 400 V, 3 PH/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Coolant water required at 23 °C 7 lpm up to 52 lpm / 75 lpm
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  • Detailed information will follow soon
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