Motorized Vane Shear Tester

Vane testing is used to determine the total shear resistance of normally cohesive, un-drained soils by fast shearing.

The semiautomatic lab vane was developed and designed according to the latest scientific and research insights and requirements so that undisturbed soil samples (e.g. core cutters) as well as treated samples (e. g. Proctor samples) or artificial mixtures can be tested for practical applications as well as for research purposes.

Due to variable fastening of the sample container and the height-adjustable column truss, it is possible to use sample containers of almost any size and form.



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  • Standards
  • Applications
  • With speed control and digital shear stress measurement
  • Determination of the shear strength of undrained soft to stiff soils
  • Rigid and height adjustable frame construction
  • Analogue output signal for data acquisition of torque
  • Unlimited shear displacement
  • Motorized vane speed with broad range of settings
  • Quick clamp attachment from 50 to 170 mm sample diameter (or optionally customized)
Sample diameter 50-200 mm
Torque > 3 Nm
Resolution 0.001 Nm
Torque accuracy

Kl. 0.1 %

Speed ranges

0.01…10/100/1000°/ min

Power Supply

50 W/220 V/50 Hz

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  • Detailed information will follow soon
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