Road Constructions

The rise in traffic volume and ever increasing transport loads leads to higher demands on road construction. While quality control includes the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil and individual road surfaces, it also incorporates the materials to be processed, from the binder to the aggregate – everything has to be tested for suitability. The vibrations generated by vehicles and the climatic variations in temperature must be taken into account for the analysis of road surface material fatigue. For such investigations, APS Antriebs-, Prüf- und Steuertechnik GmbH developes fully automatic dynamic test systems with climate chambers, which are used in research institutes throughout the world. In addition to all standard equipment for asphalt and bitumen laboratories, APS Antriebs-, Prüf- und Steuertechnik GmbH also offers special asphalt shearing and bending testing machines.

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