We pride ourselves on our service and can guarantee smooth, successful commissioning immediately after the delivery of our testing systems. Product delivery can be a complicated process, and because of the financial costs and work involved in developing a product it is a very important part of our business. Consequently, we manage the entire process, from packaging to installation and calibration.

Preliminary Inspection / Machine Inspection

Customers have the opportunity to carry out a pre-delivery inspection on our premises. This allows customers to become familiar with their new testing machinery, ensuring the functionality of the equipment in question is suitable for the intended use. Acceptance tests will be carried out according to contractual requirements (technical specifications) in the presence of the customer or a customer authorized representative. Ensuring smooth function-testing before delivery guarantees trouble-free installation. The following highlights the steps taken in the above-described inspection:

  • The device is adjusted by the manufacturer and made ready for a trial production run.
  • The conformity is decided by the customer in terms of design, technical specifications and performance of the device in question.
  • Performing an ‘acceptance test’ is conducted in the presence of the customer.
  • During the test, a short and general training course is held for the customer, which includes the introduction to the device, training on the function and operation of the device, software training and the maintenance instructions and training.
  • If the Inspection test meets the satisfaction of the customer, or the customer has some technical amendments in line with the agreed technical specification, a provisional acceptance protocol is signed by both parties as a preliminary inspection.
  • The final acceptance test is performed at the customer’s site by the manufacturer or an authorized agent.

Packaging and Transport

  • Our commissioning process provides the supervision needed throughout the entire packaging and transport chain. In our experience, it is extremely important to follow every step, from the single packaging of each component and leaving our workshop, to installation on-site.
  • We use pallets to transport our products along with various modes of delivery (for example, air, sea, ground) to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time.
  • The wooden pallets we use all have the IPPC mark of approval (International Plant Protection Convention) for export upon request of the customer, which ensures acceptance into the country of destination.
  • The IPPC standard (ISPM-15) includes two treatment methods – heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. We normally use the HT method.
  • We properly treat and label pallet boxes prior to shipping. Each label comes complete with a name and address for the shipper and the consignee. A copy of the packaging list is included in the shipment.
  • The shipment is prepared for extreme conditions and works to ensure that our deliveries arrive safely and on time. We consider a range of challenges when packaging and shipping our products, such as compression forces, unexpected vibrations that the shipment may experience on route, as well as humidity and extreme temperatures. We can also offer waterproof packaging if desired.

Instruction Manual

  • All of our products come with thorough operation manuals as hard or soft copies.
  • These operation manuals have a great deal of detailed information about safety, assembly, set up and installation of our machines, the testing procedure, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting information.
  • Using these documents helps operators to thoroughly understand the equipment and ensure operation is conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

On-site Installation and Training

    • To ensure we continue to offer the best possible service, our technicians regularly participate in training programmes. This is key for our development as a company and allows our employees to grow with new technologies and techniques, as well as delivering top-quality service to all of our customers.
    • We have a great deal of experience having completed thousands of successful installations. This success is partly due to our thorough and methodical work ethos. This has in turn led to us implementing various tests throughout the production process, ensuring smooth installation and customer satisfaction.
    • Not only are our technicians highly trained, but they are also keen and highly proficient in passing on their skills and knowledge to our customers. Be it hardware or software-based, our staff are more than happy to educate customers to ensure the actual user gets the most out of their equipment.
    • Such assistance is systematically implemented, using a series of checklists to ensure all relevant points have been addressed.
    • What we offer is very much a tailored service based on the knowledge and skills of the customer, from complete beginners to the seasoned professional, our instructions are designed to be as efficient as possible.
    • Customers are trained on how to operate their machinery either at our headquarters or once installed on-site. This very much a tailored service that we offer, which we follow through on until the customer is 100% confident with the operation of their equipment.

    Our installation service involves a variety of different steps, such as:

    • Close collaboration with destination-site managers to ensure suitable machine location.
    • This is vital in establishing a well-equipped site that is capable of dealing with the tests and experiments planned.
    • A service particularly interesting for international customers is the provision of spare-part packages, delivered with machinery upon installation. This ensures that potential future wear and tear of machinery and long-distance transport links do not interrupt testing operations.


Our products are sold under a warranty of 12 months, unless otherwise stated. When within the warranty period, repairs will be made and replacements provided free of charge if material or manufacturing faults occur. The customer will receive a warranty certificate upon delivery of the device, including all details and conditions.

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