Post Installation Services

There are different available services to assist you in operating your testing system in best condition after final installation at your site.


You can take advantage of our experience in the field of calibration. Our calibration section in our house is able to give you services for calibration on your request.

  • Load cells: calibration of force in the tensile and compression direction
  • High temperature sensors and temperature controlling device
  • Vertical displacement transducers
  • Radial circumferential transducers
  • Torque Load cells


Maintenance and Inspection

  • Ensuring machines and parts are well maintained is key to performance efficiency.
  • To help our customers look after their machinery, we offer a thorough maintenance service, which of course includes the appropriate documentation.
  • We strongly believe in ‘preventative maintenance’, especially as this ensures the quality of equipment performance.
  • Essentially, the implementation of small but regular repairs and maintenance can significantly extend the machinery’s life-span - the more regular such checks are, the less likely it is that time-consuming problem-solving is needed.
  • Due to our long-term maintenance experience, our technicians carry the commonly required spare parts with them when out on maintenance calls. This works further towards guaranteeing the smooth, uninterrupted operation of your machinery and operation interests.

Repairs and Spare Parts

  • Despite meticulous and regular maintenance, machinery that is regularly in operation will require repair at some point in time. However, this need not be a problem, as we are here to help and get your machinery back in operation as soon as possible.
  • As a company, we fully understand the importance of timely repairs to ensure machines and operations continue to run. This is why we guarantee that our spare parts will be dispatched in earliest possible time. This works towards keeping machinery failure to a minimum – spare parts are guaranteed for machinery of up to 10 years of age.
  • Spare parts packages are also available for customers. These consist of what we consider to be the most important spare parts that are often required. Such packages can be compiled for specific machines, which we can certainly advise on when purchasing our devices.

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