The bearing capacity and stiffness of solid rock is a main criterion for many applications e.g. exploration to reach energy sources, large-scale building projects such as excavation, tunnel, bridge and barrage developments, or launching a new research field.

APS GmbH offers different testing machines and also extensive expertise and knowledge that comes from more than 20 years of experience in this field to support and manage your testing to the highest standards. Rock testing devices are comparable to those used in soil mechanics but work with higher forces (until 10 MN).

APS GmbH, with its brand “Wille Geotechnik”, develops and produces standard and fully automated testing machines that enable engineers to determine the mechanical characteristics and bearing capacity of rock material by uniaxial and triaxial shearing tests. Our high resolution transducers and individual adjustable controlling software lead to highly accurate rock strain analysis.

World class service and support

We have gained years of experience from many successful installations and close cooperation with our customers. Our service engineers guarantee smooth, successful commissioning within the shortest time possible after delivery. Customers even have the opportunity to participate in an inspection prior to delivery at our factory. This enables the customer to conduct hands on ‘function-testing’, familiarizing themselves with the new device with the assistance of our engineers.