Fully Automatic Laboratory Vane Shear Tester

  • Fully automatically controlled laboratory vane tester including data acquisition and evaluation systems
  • Determination of the shear strength of undrained soils with soft to stiff consistency
  • Software with complete data evaluation and print outs with diagrams on any commercial printer








  • Control and evaluation software
  • Fulfills all standards (BS, DIN, ASTM, etc. ) and all research demands
  • Provides a wide range of shear stress measurements
  • Optional complete data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Determination the shear strength of undrained soft to stiff soils
  • Test runs are completely repeatable
  • Shear stress measured by two highly accurate load transducers, without friction
  • Automatic recording of the shear resistance (torque) against displacement (angle)


Diameter of specimen 50 – 200 mm
Torque   > 3 Nm
Resolution 0.001 Nm
Measuring range according to vane size

0 – 466 kN/m2

Shear displacement Unlimited
Angular speed (step-less)

20 – 0.0001°/s

Power supply 50 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Detailed information will follow soon
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